Azerbaijan Jurnal of Botany 2020 Volume 1 (1)


Efendieva S.E., Novruzov E.N. Distribution features and the current state of Tilia L. species growing in forest ecosystems of Greater Caucasus (within Azerbaijan)


Novruzov V.S. The floristic diversity and dynamics of river basins in the northern part of the Lesser Caucasus


Aghayeva D.N., Mailova T.B., Abasova L.V., Alimammadova A.A., Bakhshiyeva A.J., Aliyev A.N. Fungal diversity of herbs in Qusar district of Azerbaijan

Namazova L.H., Aliyeva  A.J. Production of hybrids between Triticum aestivum L. and Aeriticum ventricosa Tausch under field conditions


Kerimova Kh.I. Pomological and phenological characteristics of wild growing species and some sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars


Mammadova A.V. Biological researches of the north-eastern part of Azerbaijan


Aleskerova A.N., Serkerov S.V., Zeynalova S.V. Study of biologically active substances of the species Centaura ovina (Pall. et Willd) in the flora of Azerbaijan


Ibragimov A.Sh., Jabbarov M.T., Nabiyeva F.Kh. New formations of mountain-xerophyte vegetation of Azerbaijan


Mammadov T.S., Abbasova Z.H., Hasanova M.Y. Analysis of the natural and cultural Dendroflora of Qakh, Zaqatala and Balakan districts of Azerbaijan


Veliyeva N.A., Mustafayeva L.A. Morphological features of the stem and leaves of oil plants of the Quba mountain massives of the Azerbaijan Republic


Karimli B.R. Research of Primula woronowii Losinsk. coenopoulations in the Khyzy district


Gasimova Kh.G., Ganiyeva R.A., Ali-zade V.M. Protective role of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) seed extracts in the protection of the thylakoid membrane under conditions of salt stress


Asadova N.G. Morphometric features of Prunella vulgaris L. growing in natural conditions of the Great Caucasus within Azerbaijan

Gajoti T.E., Imani Y., Farzaliyev V.S. Plant biodvercity of Sutan-chay basin (East Azerbaijan province, Iran)


Ali-zade V.M., Salimov R.A. Special paper. Development of a global plant resource database and Azerbaijan's activity in the World Flora Online Consortium

     Azerbaijan Jurnal of Botany 2020 Volume 1 (2)

Mustafayeva S.J., Gasimova T.A., Aliyeva Z.S., Safquliyeva T.J. Сonception of genus Anthemis L., Cota J. Gay and Archanthemis Lo Presti & Oberpr. (Asteraceae) in the flora of Azerbaijan

Gurbanov E.M., Mukhtarova Sh.J., Asadova K.A. Wetland vegetatıon and algoflora of the lakes of Kur-Araz lowland

Isgandarova L.Z., Salimov R.A. Analysis of Phlomis L. and related genera found in the flora of Azerbaijan based on the herbarium materials of BAK

Fatdayeva A.Kh., Garakhani P.Kh., Gasumova T.A. New key for identification for species of the genus Hypericum L. in the flora of Azerbaijan

Aliyeva A.N., Abasova L.V., Aghayeva  D.N. General characteristics of fungi of the genus Septoria Sacc., recorded on woody plants in Azerbaijan

Talıbov T.H., Novruzi N.A., Quliyeva G.F. Modern status and perspective using opportunities of Globularia trichosantha Fisch. & C.A. Mey. species in the territory of the Nakhchivan AR

Babayeva L.I., Ali-zadə V.M. Research of bioecological features and coenopopulations Dactylorhıza romana subsp. georgica

Mammadova A.O., Mammadova R.N., Qafarova B.T. Assessment of the quality of some ecologically stressed territories during the COVID-19 pandemic in Baku

Mursal N., Mehdiyeva N.P. Ecological–phytocenotic and demographic characteristics of rare species cenopopulations in Quba region

Gasimova Kh.G., Ganiyeva R.A., Ali-zade V.M. Role of quinoa (Сhenopodium quinoa Willd.) in protecting photosystem II (PS II) from oxidative stress


Mehdiyeva N.P. Chemical composition of the essential oil of Pimpinella aurea growing in Azerbaijan

Shukurlu E.N., Serkerov S.V. Component composition of crystalline mass obtained from different fractions of roots of Lactuca serriola L.


Jafarova E.E., Bakhshieva N.Ch. Composition and content of anthocyans of pomegranate fruits

Zeynalova A.M. Tannin content in different organs of Punica granatum L.