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Society of Azerbaijan Botanists was elected the member to the Botanic Gardens Conservation Internati

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Society of Azerbaijan Botanists (SAB) established under the Institute of Botany of ANAS to develop activities on expanding scientific relations and collaborations in the international arena, training highly qualified personnel, promoting the botanical science and protecting the biological diversity  and which represents 12 organizations on the Republic was elected the member to the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) organization.

Since 1987, BGCI has been the organization which unites and represents organizations from more than 100 countries working in the field of botany in a global network for the plant conservation. Its main office is located in Great Britain and regional offices operate in the USA, China, Kenya and Russia worldwide.

The main important and priority goals of the organization is to organize and manage innovative and strategic projects towards the plant conservation; involve partners and members in ensuring  plant diversity; establish relations in Botanical Gardens and wider societies and expand the potentials of plant conservation; support activities meeting modern challenges.

It should be noted that SAB ( intends to attract Azerbaijan botanists to the world Botanical Society and purposefully use the services of BGCI which are effective for future development. This joyous event which is considered to be an active and successful step in expanding international relations and joint projects is extremely relevant, because our society unites majority of botanists in our region. Thus involvement of Azerbaijan botanists working on the conservation of strategically important biodiversity to the world Botanical Society and benefit from BGCI services which are important for future development open new opportunities.

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